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Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of a Professional web pages website to promote your business

  • Easy access for your prospective clients to view your products or services
  • Reliable service and support via email or phone
  • International language translation available
  • Post development support and product warrantee
  • All aspects of the web development process are handled and you are guided in the development of your website
  • Possible increase of sales and business lead generation
  • Reduction of printed advertisement costs
  • Reduction of processing customer enquiry costs

Why would you need a website application?

There are many reasons that you would need a web application

  • Automate existing business proceedures that are done manually
  • Allow clients to self process their own orders according to your business rules
  • Allow individuals the freedom to process items offsite
  • Web applications automate tasks or reduce the time taken to complete tasks - freeing up your time
  • Assists in improving communications between work teams.

Who would need a website application?

  • Any business or individual that has a manual process which could be automated
  • Any business that requires online processing
  • Any organisation that wishes to increase its ability to deal with customers or suppliers
  • Any business or individual who wishes to use online processing to their advantage to help increase business

Benefits of using Professional web pages as your developer

  • Over eight years of industry experience
  • Certified and experienced web development professional
  • Fully guided development process so that you know the ‘How’ and ‘What to do’
  • Fast response times to our client's needs and requests
  • High quality server hardware and internet connectivity
  • Extensive knowledge of ‘World Wide Web consortium’ and ‘Web Accessibility’ standards
  • Both ‘look and feel' as well as ‘functionality’ (also known as ‘front end’ and ‘backend’) development